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Personnel of the Civil War, vol 1: the Confederate Armies. New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1961 amended by Ken Jones In conformity with Civil War practice, a regiment's colonel's name has been used for the units nickname where no other nickname was found. Where a Company letter is missing or ?- the company may have existed, but no record has been found to date. A slash in the company nickname indicates the company was made of at least 2 previously independent units.

  1- Ragged Old First
     A- Marion Guards
     B- Livingston Guards
     C- Palmer Guards
     D- Star Rifles
     E- Corsicana Invincibles/ Marshall Guards
     F- Woodsville Rifles
     G- Anderson County Guards/ Reagan Guards
     H- Texas Guards
      I- Crockett Southerns
     K- Daniel Boone Rifles/ Texas Invincibles
     L- Lone Star Rifles

  2- Galveston Infantry/ Van Dorn Regiment
     A- San Jacinto Guards
     B- Confederate Guards
     C- Bayland Guards
     D- Confederate Grays
     F- Mounted Riflemen
     G- Burleson Guards
     H- Lexington Grays
      I- Gonzalez Invincibles/ Wilson Rifles
     ?- Odlems Company

  3- Luckett's (Philip N.) Regiment
     A- Gillespie Rifles
     C- Lone Star Defenders

  4- Hood's (John Bell) Regiment
     A-Hardeman Rifles
     B- Tom Green Rifles/ Austin City Light Infantry
     C- Robertson County Five Shooters
     D- Guadalupe Rangers/ Knights of Guadalupe County
     E- Lone Star Guards
     F- Mustang Grays
     G- Grimes County Grays
     H- Porter's Guards
      I- Navarro Rifles
     K- Henderson Guards/ Sandy Point Mounted Rifles

  5- Archer's ( James J.) Regiment
     A- Bayou City Guards
     B-Colorado County
     C- Leon Hunters
     D- Waverly Confederates
     E- Dixie Rifles
     F- Company Invincibles
     G- Milam County Grays
     H- Texas Polk Rifles
     I- Texas Aids
     K- Polk County Flying Artillery

  6- Garland's (Robert R) Regiment
     A- LaVaca Guards
     B- Lone Star Rifles
     D- Matagorda Coast Guards
     G- Travis Rifles
     K- Alamo Guards

  7- Gregg's (John) Regiment
     A- Waco Guards
     B- Johnson Guards

  8- Hobby's (Alfred M) Regiment
     A- Van Dorn Guards
     B- Ruess Battery
     ?- Indianola Artillery Guards

  9- Maxey's (Samuel Bell) Regiment
     A- German Citizen Guards
     B- Galveston Guards/ German Citizen Guards
     C- German Citizen Guards
     F- Cypress Rifles
     ?- Sherman Guards
     ?- Island City Rifles
     ?- Wigfall Guards
     ?- Galveston Rifles
     ?- Galveston Zouaves
     ?- Independent Rifles
     ?- Minute Co Cavalry

 10- Nelson's (Allison) Regiment
     A- Grimes Boys
     C- Alvarado Rifles
     D- Wilson's Guards
     G- Labadie Rifles
     H- Coryell Yankee Hunters

 11- Robert's (Oran M) Regiment
     A- Engledow's Texas Rebels
     D- Titus Hunters

 12- Young's (Overton) Regiment

 13- Bates (Joseph) Regiment
     A- Austin Grays
     B- Austin Grays/ Perkins' 1st Co
     D- Moseley's Battery
     G- Brazoria Rangers
     H- Field Battery

 14- Clark's (Edward) Regiment

 15- Speight's (Joseph W) Regiment
     E- Navarro Countians
     G- Fouty's Company

 16- Flournoy's (George) Regiment

 17- Allen's (Robert T.P.) Regiment

 18- Ochiltree's (William B.) Regiment

 19- Waterhouse's (Richard) Regiment - Walker's Greyhounds

 20- Elmore's (Henry M.) Regiment

 21- Spaight's (Ashley W.) Regiment

 22- Hubbard's (Richard B.) Regiment

  8- Texas Rangers/Terry's Texas Rangers
 26- DeBray's Regt.
   1- Cook's Regt. Heavy Artillery