Rabanna - Rittenhouse

Rabanna Ludwig 2nd Inf. F
Rabenan Ludwig 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) K
Rafferty James 1st Inf. K
Ragan James 1st Inf. F
Rahne John W. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Rambo Charles 1st Inf. A
Rambo Daniel Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Rambo Daniel 5th Inf. B
Rams John 5th Inf. G
Randalls Thomas 3rd Inf. G
Randolph Aaron W. 5th Inf. K
Randolph George 5th Inf. K
Randolph  Richard 5th Inf. I
Randolph Samuel 5th Inf. K
Ransom Albert K. 6th Inf. E
Ransom Sumner W. 6th Inf. E
Ranson Robert 8th Inf.
Rash Charles 1st Inf. F
Rash Daniel 4th Inf. G
Rash George F. 6th Inf. E Cpl.
Rash John F. 6th Inf. E Cpl.
Rash Joseph 6th Inf. G
Rash Joseph W. 6th Inf. A
Rash Nathan 1st Inf. K
Rash Presley 6th Inf. A
Rash Thomas A. 1st Inf. F
Rash William J. 4th Inf. G
Ratcliff John W. 7th Inf. I
Ratcliff Samuel S. 7th Inf. I Cpl.
Ratcliff William H. 7th Inf. I
Ratcliffe Samuel 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Rathgeb John 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F
Ratledge Wm. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Raughley John W. 9th Inf. E
Raughly John W. 6th Inf. H
Rawley William B. 6th Inf. G
Ray John 1st Inf. G
Raymond Hiram W. 7th Inf. D
Raymond John G. (John) 2nd Inf. I QMSgt.
Raymond John J. 1st Inf. QMSgt.
Raymond Lewis 1st Inf. I
Raymond Lewis 3rd Inf. C
Raymond Nicholas 1st Inf. B
Raymond Nicholas 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) E
Raymond Nicholas 2nd Inf. I
Read John 2nd Inf. D
Read John H. 3rd Inf. K
Reading Starr 1st Inf. F
Ready John 4th Inf. C
Reardon Thomas D. 2nd Inf. C Sgt.
Rebesburger Charles 2nd Inf. F
Redden Edward 4th Inf. B
Redden John 3rd Inf. F
Redden John O. 6th Inf. H
Redden John O. 9th Inf. E
Redden William O. 3rd Inf. Col.
Redmond James, Mrs. 2nd Inf. Cook
Redmond James L. (James) 2nd Inf. A Wag.
Reece George W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) E
Reece George W.  1st Inf. G Cpl.
Reece Thomas J. 5th Inf. D
Reece William 5th Inf. G
Reed Abraham 9th Inf. A
Reed Andrew J. 1st Inf. E
Reed Charles 2nd Inf. C
Reed Charles 8th Inf. B
Reed Daniel 1st Inf. H
Reed David H. 9th Inf. A
Reed Elias B. 9th Inf. A Sgt.
Reed George 7th Inf. C
Reed James C. 9th Inf. G
Reed Jesse 4th Inf. G,F Cpl.
Reed John 3rd Inf. A Drum
Reed John 3rd Inf. B,I
Reed John H. 7th Inf. C
Reed John H. 8th Inf. C
Reed Josiah 4th Inf. D 3rd Cpl.
Reed Philip R. 9th Inf. G
Reed Samuel 5th Inf. A
Reed Thomas 4th Inf. H
Reed Thomas (Thomas D.) Cav. 1st Bn. C Cpl.
Reed William 1st Inf. A
Reed William D. 9th Inf. G
Reed William  I. 9th Inf.  G
Reed Wm. R. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Reeder Isaac 7th Inf. E Sgt.
Reeder William H. 3rd Inf. I Cpl.
Reedy James 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Reedy William I. Cav. 1st Bn. C 1st Lt.
Reener James B. 3rd Inf. A
Reese Davis 4th Inf. D
Reese George 3rd Inf. G
Reese James 7th Inf. K 1st Sgt.
Reeves Clement 5th Inf. H 1st Lt.
Reeves Isaac M. 2nd Inf. D
Reeves Thomas G. 4th Inf. G Cpl.
Refus John 1st Inf. G
Regan James 1st Inf. K
Register William H. (William) 2nd Inf. A
Reihms John T. 4th Inf. G
Reimers Lamert (Lambert) 2nd Inf. I
Reissie Augustus T. 7th Inf. D
Rementer William 2nd Inf. C Cpl.
Remery Charles J. 3rd Inf.
Remington George W. 7th Inf. K
Rendleman Andrew H. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Renner Israel 1st Inf. K Cpl.
Renshaw Francis 2nd Inf. B Cpl.
Repp William 1st Inf. G d:  07 Nov 1902  bur: Philadelphia National Cemetery, PA
Reppenger John C. 5th Inf. F Cpl.
Reville John M. C. 1st Inf. D 1st Sgt.
Reville John M. C. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Reville Manlove C. 7th Inf. I
Reville Wm. T. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) D
Rexter William Cav. 1st Bn. B
Reybold Clayton 7th Inf. B
Reybold Edwin C. 7th Inf. B
Reynolds Charles 2nd Inf. F 1st Lt.
Reynolds Charles P. Cav. 1st Bn. D
Reynolds Charles P. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Reynolds Charles P. 3rd Inf. D
Reynolds Edward 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B
Reynolds Edward 2nd Inf. I Sgt.
Reynolds Edward I. 7th Inf. B
Reynolds Elias Cav. 1st Bn. D
Reynolds Israel M. 7th Inf. F
Reynolds James C. 9th Inf. H
Reynolds Lewis 3rd Inf. D
Reynolds Martin L. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F Sgt.
Reynolds Patrick 5th Inf. B
Reynolds Richard 5th Inf. E
Reynolds Samuel (Samuel P.) 4th Inf. H,A d: 06 July 1864
bur. Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Reynolds Samuel J. 6th Inf. E
Reynolds Samuel J. 7th Inf. F
Reynolds Thomas M. 4th Inf. H Capt.
Reynolds William 1st Inf. D
Reynolds William 3rd Inf. H
Reynolds William H. 3rd Inf. H
Reynolds William M. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Reynolds William M. 5th Inf. G
Reynolds William P. 5th Inf. E
Reynolds William T. 4th Inf. A
Rhein William 5th Inf. K Cpl.
Rhine Joseph 1st Inf. G
Rhoads John 1st Inf. F Cpl.
Rhodes Joseph 1st Inf. A Sgt.
Rhodes Joseph 1st Inf. (3 Mo. '61) A Cpl.
Rhodes Joseph A. 5th Inf. K Sgt.
Rhodes Samuell 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F
Rhodes Thomas 3rd Inf. H
Rhodes William A. 5th Inf. K 2nd Lt.
Rhody Harris 1st Inf. B
Rhymer Thomas Cav. 1st Bn C,B
Ricards Thomas S. 9th Inf. G Cpl.
Rice Charles 1st Inf.
Rice George E. 4th Inf. D Cpl.
Rice  Jacob 4th Inf. A
Rice James H. 7th Inf. E Capt.
Rice  John E. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C Sgt.
Rice John E. 2nd Inf. H 4th Cpl.
Rice John V. 5th Inf. E 2nd Lt.
Rice Joseph R. 4th Inf. D Wag.
Rice Lott 2nd Inf. I
Rice Watson T. 1st Inf. H
Rice William H. 4th Inf. D
Rich Frederick 2nd Inf. E Cpl.
Rich William 4th Inf. G
Richard Casper 1st Inf. F
Richards Augustus H. 2nd Inf. C 2nd Lt.
Richards Charles 6th Inf. I Cpl.
Richards Edward F. 1st Inf. G 1st Sgt.
Richards Edward F. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) E
Richards Isaac H. 5th Inf. B 1st Lt.
Richards James S. (James) 7th Inf. I
Richards John E. 6th Inf. I Sgt.
Richards John K. 6th Inf. I
Richards John N. (John) 8th Inf. B Lt. Col.
Richards John W. 1st Inf. C
Richards Joseph H. 7th Inf. K Capt.
Richards William F. 3rd Inf. A
Richards William H. 8th Inf.
Richards William J. 4th Inf. K
Richardson Abner R. 5th Inf. C
Richardson Albert 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F
Richardson Alexander (Alexander K.) Cav. 1st Bn. B
Richardson Benjamin Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Richardson Benjamin F. 1st Inf. F Cpl.
Richardson Charles H. 6th Inf. E
Richardson Daniel 7th Inf. E
Richardson Daniel 8th Inf. A
Richardson Ezekiel J. 9th Inf. H
Richardson George Cav. 1st Bn. D
Richardson George 1st Inf. K
Richardson George 3rd Inf. F
Richardson John L. 1st Inf. B
Richardson John L. 8th Inf.
Richardson John T. 7th Inf. K
Richardson Joseph 6th Inf. G
Richardson Lake Cav. 1st Bn. A
Richardson Samuel W. 5th Inf. C
Richardson William H. Cav. 1st Bn. A
Richie David Cav. 1st Bn. D
Richie John 3rd Inf. A
Richster Joseph 1st Inf. C
Richter Joseph 3rd Inf. G bur:  Milford Cemetery, Milford, DE
Rickards Charles 6th Inf. D
Rickards Charles 6th Inf. H
Rickards Hiram 6th Inf. D
Rickards I. 3rd Inf. H
Rickards James 1st Inf. B,H,C Capt.
Rickards John H. Cav. 1st Bn. B
Rickards John W. 6th Inf. H
Rickards Johathan 6th Inf. F
Rickards Joseph 6th Inf. D
Rickards Molten 6th Inf. F
Rickards Robert 6th Inf. D
Rickards William 1st Inf. B
Rickards William C. 6th Inf. D
Rickards William H. Cav. 1st Bn. F
Rickards William H. 6th Inf. D
Rickards William H. 9th Inf. C Cpl.
Rickerts John L. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Rickets Wm. H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B
Ricketts Benjamin 2nd Inf. C Maj.
Ricketts William P. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Ricords John T. 8th Inf. G
Ricords Joseph H 5th Inf. K
Ricords Lewis A. 1st Inf.(3 mo. '61) C
Ricords Samuel H. 9th Inf. G
Ricords William T 5th Inf. K Cpl.
Riddle William B. 1st Inf. I
Riddle William B. 7th Inf. B
Riddle William B. 8th Inf. C
Rider John 1st Inf.
Ridgeway David B. 4th Inf. E
Ridgley Henry 7th Inf. I
Riely George 2nd Inf. 1st Cl. Music
Riely James 5th Inf. G
Riffle Jacob 5th Inf. I
Rigby Joseph 5th Inf. E Cpl.
Ridby Joseph 7th Inf. K Sgt.
Riggers Thomas 8th Inf.
Riggin David E. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Riggin Robert J. Cav. 1st Bn. A,B
Riggins Robert Cav. 1st Bn. D
Riggs Charles 8th Inf.
Riggs David B. 4th Inf. H
Riggs David S. 1st Inf. D Cpl.
Riggs Ezekiel 1st Inf. I
Riggs George 1st Inf. B
Riggs Joseph 8th Inf. B
Riggs Robert 4th Inf. A
Righter Benjamin (Benjamin V.) 2nd Inf. A
Righter Isaac (Rightes) Cav. 1st Bn. E,A d:  28 Oct 1902  bur:  Philadelphia National Cemetery, PA
Righter Isaac A. (Isaac) 4th Inf. D
Righter Jacob B. 1st Inf. F
Righter Jacob B. 8th Inf.
Rigly James 5th Inf. A
Riley Daniel 1st Inf.
Riley George 7th Inf. C
Riley George W. 5th Inf. C
Riley Henry G. 5th Inf. I
Riley Isaac 7th Inf. H
Riley Jackson 5th Inf. A
Riley James 1st Inf. C,G
Riley James 1st Inf. G
Riley James   1st Inf. I  
Riley James 2nd Inf. F
Riley James 7th Inf. K
Riley John 1st Inf.
Riley John 8th Inf. C
Riley Phillip D. 5th Inf. I
Riley Thomas 4th Inf. D
Riley Thomas 5th Inf. K
Riley William 3rd Inf.
Riley William H. 5th Inf. F Cpl.
Rinkard Edward 3rd Inf. F
Ripp Henry 3rd Inf. G
Risbough Robert (Robert F.) 4th Inf. E
Risdon Charles R. 6th Inf. F Drum
Riser Robert Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Ritchie Abraham 4th Inf. K
Ritchie James H. 6th Inf. E
Ritchie John 1st Inf. B
Ritchie John B. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F Fifer
Ritchie John B. 1st Inf. Pr. Music
Ritchie John B. 6th Inf. E
Ritchie Robert 2nd Inf. H
Rittenhouse John 7th Inf. H
Rittenhouse William (William H.) 8th Inf. A
Rittenhouse William H. 7th Inf. G

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