Poetry of the American Civil War

Poetry of the Period
Poetry About the Period
After All
by William Winters

A Word for the Hour
by John Greenleaf Whittier

The Crossing at Fredericksburg
by George Henry Boker

"I ride with cowboys who will soon be ghosts"
"Dance the dog dance of the dead"
"Hunting for the last time"
"The devil is in the details"
"The devil's more compassionate triage"
"As fast as a deer crossing the highway"
by William "Wild Bill" Taylor

A Word for the Hour
by John Greenleaf Whittier

Little Giffen
by Francis Orray Tickner

Driving Home the Cows
by Kate Putnam Osgood

  "Like skipping petals off the water"
"Buddy's independent hand"
"Between dream and awake"
"Judgement day cometh in the morning, fair."
"Suddenly I fall from my horse"
"Power in the hands of the pale"
Warning, golden butterflies mark the tomb of the unknown
by William "Wild Bill" Taylor

 Captain ! My Captain !
by Walt Whitman

Sabine Cross--Roads
by Billy R. Moore
Pifer Co. C 77th Illinois Vols.

  "Let us lay down the fight"
"Little Rueben and Colonel Mosby, we will win!"
"The execution of Private Eddie Slovik"
"It is a good day to die"
by William "Wild Bill" Taylor
   Who Loved the Gray
by Gideon Luke Roach
  "Where Reuben Fell"
"Ode to Ambrose Bierce"

by William "Wild Bill" Taylor
by Frank Benway
Gray Ghost
by Frank Benway
WILLIAM BLACK-Co. B - 55th Illinois
by Frank Crawford

ALBERT S. ROLLINS - Co. B - 95th Illinois
by Frank Crawford

JOHN RAMSEY - Co. B - 21st Illinois
by Frank Crawford
  Poems by Del "Abe" Jones
"Ghosts of Bull Run"
'Time to Go'

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