I'd heard about "Bull Run"
Maybe, back in school
But, spending some time there
Was, a special learning tool.

I could feel the Souls
There was something in the air
The life and death of struggle
Is some, sensation, there.

An aura of the ghosts
All around Manassas
A feel of all those beings
Of those warring classes.

Another tragic wartime
With brother fighting brother
As each cry with dying breath
"Oh, Mother, dear Mother!"

You can almost hear the cannons
With their booming sounds
And the whirring of the slugs
From all those killing rounds.

Hiding 'hind a rock
Or, under a sloping hill
Hoping, not, to get shot
Or aiming for the kill.

It seems so peaceful now
But, some Souls not at rest
Are waiting in the shadows
To, pass the final test.

History lessons never teach
All of the things, they could
And wars don't make the pain
Felt/hurt like it should.

Del "Abe" Jones
Bull Run / Manassas Battlefield, VA


I could see the flash of cannon
Over the ridge of the hill
Could hear the shots over my head
As I lay deathly still.

I looked up at the twinkling stars
Through the haze of the gunsmoke
And I could hear my comrades
Whispering as they spoke.

There was a quaking in their voice
That betrayed their mortal fear
And as I gazed into the sky
I asked, "What am I doing here?"

I thought of all those buddies
That, I'll see nevermore
And of loved ones back home
And then, I knew, "What for!"

To fight for God and Country
Is a calling, most will heed
To keep freedom safe from those
Who would plant an evil seed.

I lay there in my foxhole
Gripped by the numbing cold
But then, felt a warmth, from inside
Like I was held in the "fold".

I felt my best friend touch me
And couldn't believe he said,
"No need to try to help him,
'Cause he's already dead!"

And then my head felt light
As I looked down below,
Whispered, "I'll see ya', Bros
Because it's time for me to go!"
Del "Abe" Jones

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