My sincere thanks to Jim Semler for allowing me to share his pictures of my favorite Civil War site.


A,       B.

A.  Delafort Ferry at Fort Mott on the NJ side of the river
B. The dock at Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island


        C.        D.       E.       F.        G.       

H.        I.        J.         K.

C.  The Sallie Port
D. One of the doors, there are 4 sections, which seal the entrance
E. Interpreter portraying a Guard
F, Moat runs completely around the fort.
Bridge was originally a draw bridge but was inconvenient
G. South Wall
H. Southwest wall
I. South Wall looking toward J
J Southwest corner
K. East Wall many prisoners registered in throught the large door in center.


The Confederate Barracks


Confederate Prisoner interpreters describing conditions in the crowded hot and cold
barracks. Three Prisoners slept between the vertical posts
good in the winter, not so good in the summer.

Looking South from the Prisoners' Barracks




Inside the Fort
The gray cement area was built before WWII



The enlisted men's kitchen and mess hall


Esau the blacksmith


An authentic gun, a reproduction plastic gun and the 8" Columbiad


Run between gun positions and a flush toilet that drained into the moat outside


Brickwork - most of the brickwork is in excellent condition
The Fort was never engaged in combat so is in much better condition that Fort Sumter.


From atop the East Wall and atop the North Wall

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