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July 21st 1863 


Fairfax Coarthouse Virginia 



Dear wife  this is tusday afternoon  we hav bin on the march ever since the 10th of June and we hav travled over a greadeal of country sence that time  we come to Washington on last munday night weak and we left their on friday and come to Alexandria whear we staid until Sun after noon when we received marching orders  we was paid on Sunday about noon and we started on our march about 3 oclock  I was sent to Alexander D P for our provisions and they sent for me to come to camp as soon as posible to get my money and we marched about 9 miles that evning and we put up for the night in a open plain  got our supers and laid down for the night with our gum blankets and over coats and we landed hear yester day at noon but I think we are not going to stay hear only for a day or to  we are about 20 or 25 miles from Washington and we exspect to go to Senter Ville whitch is about 30 miles from hear  I think we are going to guard the rail road for we want rest  this is the way Generel Meed is to get his suplies over this railroad  their is a wagon train pasing hear to day and it beats all I hav ever sean  they began to pas hear at 8 oclock and they are stil pasing at 1 oclock  we hav bin verry busey ever sence  we left our old camp but I hope it wont last mutch longer  Washington was a verry fine place  we boarded at the large eating Salune while we was their  it is for soldiers onley  I was in and through the Capitel  it is verry fine I sean more than I hav ever sean before but I glad we are out of it as town dont sute me their is plenty of every thing  their we come off prety safe when we left the White house but we had 2 of our wagons burnt that was loaded with napsacks but they did not belong to our company  they had to burn them to keep the rebs from geting them  the wagons got broak and so deap in the mud that they had to leave them  Wee are now in  Western Virginia and if the people has eney thing to sel we can buy it but the rebels wont sel to us if they can help it but their is onley afew of them that have eney thing to sel  I hav sean severel men of my old acquaintence and John Fouracar come to see us in Washington  he was going to the Hospitel their  their is nothing of him but skin and bone  he thinks he has the consumpsion  he asked for you all and asked what become of  (  ?  ) his father and him come to see us last Sunday  the old man cant use his sholder yet  he will be a cripel in it  I have dreams 2 nights that I was at home and you was milking and that ant Deby was maried  I heard that they hav arested severel rebels in Newark and they ought to hang that old rebel preacher  him and his brother ought to be hung  togather  I riting under a aple tree and this orchard is prety full of aples and the pears is geting ripe  we had one hour yester day to get our diner and it hapened that the old field was covered with blackburies and I picked a quart cup ful and eat them for my diner  they are verry ripe and plenty hear but we cant go far after them for the bush whackers  I sent you a little money yesterday with the Chaplin and the letter will be left at W H Pearces for you  you hav nothing to pay  I paid him  I must bring my letter to a close for I was out on picket last night and we hav inspection this evening at 5 oclock and we all hav a speshel invertation to be at it  we are all wel and I hope this will find you the same  I send my love to you all  Josey mite rite me a letter

          from your afectinate Husband

                    Levi McCormick  write

                             soon   good by



August 22 1863 

Fairfax Station Virginia 

Dear wife I hav received 2 letters from you this weak I got one this eve I got my hat yesterday and I had just drawed a new cap we was drawing new clothes for the regment but we hav not got enough yet but we will get them we are all wel I was looking for you down until I got your letter but I glad you didnot come for the rebes is about hear we have to sleep with our harnes on every night and our guns by our sides and this is no place for a wife but I would like to see you but I think times will soon be better and we will be paid about the first of the month and if we donít move I think I will try and come home to see you if eney thing would hapen hear you would hav to take care of your self and they may take us but we are not afraid of them it has bin cold hear at night this weak and hot in the day time but is is very dry hear our Cavalry cought 15 rebes Cavalry this weak they belonged to whites Cavalry they got them in the mountains It would not doe to tel you all we see hear everyday or the drafted men would durty their pants before they start but you can tel them for me that I dont pity them and they can come along their is one lady told me that she had heard me talk before and she will find that some things has come to pass but it dont hurt me I take notise that my name is not on the list I would never ask aman to go for me but I would go for no man I have had a chance to the conscripes coming down hear and they are drove like oxens but the oxen would not hav the guards that it takes to guard them I verry much obliged for my hat and it fites me verry wel and as you have not started to Dixey yet you had better rest easey it is no use to come hear and pay so mutch and hav no sadisfaction if we moove I hope we will be better fixed I think Charlston will soon be taken and then it will be soon over 

our boys is all on picket to day and I hav all to attend to we hav a few in camp that is sick J S Mote and E A Finley is not wel but it is nothing searious I sent my tactict book home when I was up the panenchila did it get home and I sent my surtificate home with Albun Buckingham did it ever get their he was to give it to you with out their is some gouge game if you get it take caire of it for I may want it some time we hav plenty to doe hear and we will soon hav some of the Drafted Delaware boys with us if nothing hapens whear did old Lee buy this time and what neighbour hood did he locate I want to see Delaware draftees from one end to the other I dont care if it dont leave 2 men in Wilmington they showed their tails to us and we will never for give them we are from that state but that is all we have to say for them I care one and all and then they can tel how they like it I would not trade with them for all the money they can find wel we hav got a Captin for Co E at last and he is from about Dover Del his name is James Burnet and he looks like aman he dont put on so meney airs as the other one done he is sober quiet man I verry well sadistied with him he has bin apointed for some time but he has bin in the Hospital in Washington and his wife was to see him he had a geathered jaw it was cosed by a tooth but he is a harty man and I think he will stay with us and we need him for we hav never had a Captin yet if we ask him he can tel us what we want to know he is a Scotchman and a smart fellow and that is what we want hear you must excuse me for not writing sooner for I was looking for you down but I hope wil will soon meat again for this war cant last mutch longer I must stop this I send my love to you and children doe they grow eney or not or doe you think I will know them good by from your Husband 

Levi McCormick 

You ask me if their eney women down hear their is plenty of them in town Cachlen told me that he sean one milk with gloves on and a vail over hur face 

Sept 5th 1863

Fairfax Station  Virginia


Dear wife  this is Saturday eve I recieved a letter from you this eve and find you all wel and it finds us the same but some of our men is sick  Mitchener is not wel and looks bad but he is stil on duty yet  William Mackeneel was buried to day  he was buried at Alexandria  he once lived with Jos Eastburn  he leaves a wife & family  he looked as stout an eney man in the Reg but he died verry sudent  some of our boys has got furlows to go home  Lee Pusey got one last munday & Charles Yong got one yesterday  Yong has bin sick in the Hospitel for some time and I will try my  luck prety soon  if nothing hapens we will be paid this nex weak and then I will be ready to come as soon as I get my pepers for when I come I want to travel whear I please  I hav heard that we are not to get eney substutes for our Regmt and I will be glad if we get none of them for they are bad felows Samuel got a letter from Westley today and they are all well but Joseph Pogue has got in a scrape  it may take some of his change and I dont caire if it does when he finds how they are treated he will more uneasy  I would not be a substitute for a thousand dollars of eney mans money but the rich thinks they can get a poar man to doe eney thing for their money but it aint me  I have sean men down hear that was verry rich that cant hardley live now and som of our Delawarians may see that time yet when their money may not be so plenty with them but let it be so  this war will be setled some of thes daysand then we will tend to them  they cant blaggord us then or down goes their meet house  the coperheads has put out a book about our last election but if they cut a shine a gain we will come and see them again and they will have to sing dum and dig out  they are traitors and they are nothing else   I dont want to write about this for I have travled in the dark and in mud to my knees when they hav bin laing in their beds and enjoying the conferts of home and then they will curs us for what we are doeing but their dog is dead and they leaders know it if we live to get back they will find a change for we will never patronize a reb  they will never get a dollar of my money if I know it  if I cant get things from our one mem I will doe with out it  we hav nothing new hear but they brought six hundred rebels past hear that come in to our lines frome Lees armey and they say that their is plenty more will come   the first chance for they say they wont fight eney more but they are going home to their family and this is the way it is going on  Some of the big bugs comes in to our camps and gets what ever they can get to live on  boys come in and asks us for bread  well the hour is growing late and my letter may not interest you as mutch as it might but this is what is going on hear   we hav got our camp laid out and we ar going to put up our tents this nex weak  J Chambers got a box to day and got some knew shirts and he is a pleased boy  wel you need not look for me until you see me but if I dont come you can come and see me and I keep my money to see if I get home if not I will send for you but I hav found that I can come home cheaper than you can come hear  it will cost you about 12 or fifteen dollors to come to Alexander  your boarding and all and  it will cost me about 5 Dollors to go and come back but you must not think that I dont want to see you for that is all that I have in this world that is worth living  for my family and my country  I stop by sending my love to you all from afectinate and true Husband  Serg Levi McCormick 

I dont need eney more shirts  give my love to the children

          good by

Oct 10 1863

Fairfax Station Virginia

Dear wife I received you letter on Thursday I was glad to hear from home you write that Nathan is verry bad sick I would like to see him I hav not had a letter from him for so long I could not tel what was the mater we are as wel as comon and I hope this will find you the same it is quite cool hear Mitchener is verry weak yet he is not able to set up he has got a furlow to go home for 30 days he is going to Philadelphia to his sisters if he gets able to be mooved he has bin verry bad he has had the direar he is nothing but skin and bone he has no apatite I see by the Delaware paper that the Chaplin got to Wilmington safe but he has not got back hear yet we heard that N. B. Smithers is nominated for Congres I think we will get home for the election but is is hard to tel what will turn up yet we are stil geting some of our deserters of the 4th Del reg they hav got Edward Woliston in prison at Georgetown near Washington and he writes that he wants to come to our regment and I think Bart Loyd will be got some of thes times yet it looks like rain hear this morning I must bring my letter to a close this Saturday and I hav to draw rations for ten days and our men is all out on picket Mr Pusey is in the Hospital in Wilmington but he wil be sent out as soon as he is fit but the 2 Delaware claims him as a deserter from them but you need not tel eney body but time will tel the tale I send my love to you all

from your afectinate Husband 

Levi McCormick 

good by

this ink is verry bad

January 16th 1864

Fairfax Coart House

Dear wife  this is Saturday eve and we some of us in our new homes and some on the road  we got hear about noon to day  we are all wel but our Capten Burnet and he is verry sick and I hope this will find you all wel  we are all tiard to night  we come to the fairfax Station this morning on the 7 oclock train and saived us a long march  we only marched 4 miles  we will hav verry good quarters when we get fixed up  our tents are stockaded whitch makes a soldier a good home and we feel thankful  to get them  I now writing on a peace of cracker box  our company is on picket to night but this is a Soldiers life  this was a cold day hear but this is a better camp than the one we left  we are uner Generel Tilar  they say he is a good generel  we are stil in defence of Washington yet but we are on the out post  they want us hear to tend to Mosbey and we will doe it  the wagons has just come and I must stop this 3 times  I hav tried to write this letter but we hav to look for our selves on a moove or we are be hind the lite house  I hav not heard from home sence las Saturday  it is more troble to move in winter than it is in Summer for we are at home wheare ever we stop  I hav not had time to wash or come my hair to day  we staid in the Soldiers rest last night in Alexandria and we had our brekfast at 5 oclock this morning and their was about one thousand soldiers to wash before we could get a chance to get to the water and their is the best place to wash that I hav ever sean for soldiers  we always wash and keep our selves clean when we can for that is the best Doctor we in the armey  the people hear is glad to see us come back hear  I sean Mr Brooks to day and he told me he was glad to see us back  there is more wagons coming and i caled, this is Sunday morning and the Captain is better this morning.  I must stop writing   I send my love to all from your afectenate Husband

                                       Levi McCormick

                                                good by

January 23 1864

Fairfax Coarthouse Va

Saturday morning Dear wife  I received your letter on wensday  I was glad to hear from home  We are all wel and I hope this will find you the same  Burnet has got wel again  Spencer Moor is verry sick and we sent him to the Hospitel last evning  we like our new home but we hav to do picket duty by Mosbey has not got eney of our boys yet but he took 18 Cavalry men prisoners & 17 head of horses that belonged to the 3 Pensylvania Cavalry  the Irish has all bin mooved from hear & it wont be so bad this time  Cornel H. Grimshaw has comand  he is acting brigadear generel  this is a verry fine morning and feel lik a frosty morning in Spring  we cant tel whear this winter has gon to  for it will soon be spring  the time goes better this winter than it did last  we have not bin paid yet and I dont think we will be this time  I hav heard that our pay has bin raised so you will hav to doe the best you can until the first of march and then I think we will be paid  Mitchener is hear with us and he is not fit for duty  he dont get strong yet  Harkness an myself is writing on one table  we hav no news  Samuel got a letter from Lizzie yesterday and I told him that you wanted him to write to you  we are now incamped on the north side of the Coart House and our boys picket line is north of our camp on the viena road and out side of the picket line is nothing but woden cuntry  we get fresh bread hear  we get 2 & three days at a time but the buter is not verry good for we dont get eney  my stamps has run out and my money to but this is nothing down hear  I sean a peace of rebel bread the other day and it takes down eney thing I hav ever sean  I must stop writing as the mail is about to start 

    I send my love to you all from your afectinate Husband  Levi McCormick

          4th reg Del Vol

Feb 28th 1864

Fairfax C. H. Virginia

Dear wife   this is Sunday eve   I received you welcom letter that you sent by Samuel  he got hear the next day after he left home  he arived hear safe and in good time but 2 of the boys was 1 day over their time and was marked absent without leave  we are all wel and I hope this will find you enjoying the same blesing  wel we hav no knews hear but I will tel you how we hav put in the day   we had inspection this morning and review this afternoon and then dresperade this evning  it has bin a fine day hear and quite warm  I went to market yester day for Buckingham and I sean some of the largest turkeys that I hav ever sean and they sold for $1.75 cts  cabage seles for 15.20 cts per head  it would take 6 of them to make 1/2 peck  I hav just lit a candel  the rebels comes to market but they look at us Soldiers side ways but we dont caire for that  we will be musterd for pay tomorow  it only spoils boys to get a furlow for ten days  I was verry lonesom for some time after I come back but it is geting woor off again  the rest of the boys is as mutch afected as I was  we hav not got the order yet to inlist over again  the men has to be in service 2 years and that will suite me for I dont want to make my money by soldering  I hav got my mind maid up on this question but for some days I was on the fence I thought if the reg went home I thought I would like to be with them but they told us if we would not inlist we would loose our places and we told them to go ahead for we had maid good N. C. and we thought we would make good privats and they tel us now that they had no notion of doeing it but we dont believe everry thing we hear but we stood up to what we thought was right and we thought we would not go twice for one bounty if Delaware is not worth their thanks to the Soldiers  they can turn out them selves  they are not wiling to give suport to widoes and orphans after their only suport has lost his life in defence of their Cuntry  Samuel tels me to write that he got back all right but he thinks Soldiering is plaid out but I think the day is near at hand but they will hold out as long as they can  your letter was verry interresting to me  you can ges at the rest  I glad to hear that Josey can walk again once more  I must stop writing  I would like you to write how Lynams is geting no more this time  from your loving Husband

                             Levi McCormick

          Good by  I send my love to you all but I had for got to put it in this time

March 12th 1864

Fairfax C. House Virginia

Dear wife  this is Saturday morning  we are all wel and I hope that this will find you the same  I havnot received a letter from you since Samuel come back  I hav bin looking for one every day but it has not come yet  their is nothing knew  hear their was 3 women come to our picket lines the other day and had a pass from the Sectary of war but we took them up  they had a 2 horse carage & a 2 horse wagon and they had 11 large trunks and severel valeases with them  part of their bagage was Caintuckey jean for clothing and they had medacins   the Cornel had them surched and found a rebel mail with them  they had letters sowed up in their dreses  they was so paded with letters about their under clothing that the oficers had to cal on a lady friend to examen them and they was sent back to Washington under guard  this is a fine morning hear and looks like Spring  their was one of our Majjors maried a rebel hear at the Coart House on thursday and on their way to Alexander the rebels come verry near geting him but the driver told that it was a reb that he had kept consealed in his house for some time and he was taking hime and his sister to Washington  that the girl had bin sick for a long time so they got clear of them but they got a sutler that had the Majjors trunks and then they asked the sutler whitch one of his horses was the fastes but they could not catch the live yankey with his rebel bride but they got 30 dollars in grean backs  our Captin is bad with his throat a gain   the weather is verry chaingable hear this spring  I must stop writing for I hav nothing to write a bout and it is nearly mail time and the pickets is coming in and then we cant write   the pay master has not got hear yet but we think he will come this way  their was 3 wenches come in the other day  I think that I will get a letter from home to day  I stop by sending my love to you all

          from your afectinate Husband  Levi McCormick

                                       good by

March 26th 1864

Fairfax C. House Virginia

Dear wife  this is Saturday afternoon and I hav just received your letter that was riten the 23 and I was glad to hear from home  we are all wel hear and I hope this will find you the same  it has bin verry stormey hear this weak  we hav had snow and rain boath but the snow has all gon  I sent you a letter by A. Steward and he said he would get it to you  I thought you could get it sooner by him  I sent 35 Dollars with D. E. Buckingham for you  you can send me word if it come allrite  their is nothing new hear but I think we will hav good knews before long  our armey will moove some of this days and the rebs will hav to go to bead all that cant clime for this spring will be the worst times that they hav ever sean yet but I would like to hav the rebels of the north whear they could see a little of it but they will hav to keep quiet for their dog is dead  I going to get my likenes taken some of thes days but I wont get them on paper for they cost nearly as mutch as the tin wones does  I will send Julia ans soome time in april that will be time plenty  we had 2 desirters sent hear last eve  C. Lum & old Hanson and  T. Hasen from the envelead Coar he has bin doeing duty in Baltimore for some time but he is glad to get back to his regment  he has never bin home sence he left Delaware for Dixey  he is a verry cleaver fellow but he is not stout  we are all glad to see each other as if we was one family but we hav our one friends in the armey as wel as people doe at home but I think this fall election will deside the war  it is raining this afternoon but I want it to be wet on Sundays for I think we ought to hav it for our selvs when you rite be shure and direct your letters to 4th Reg Del Vol  if you doe this and send it to Washington or elsewear I will be shure to get them some time  I send my love to you all from your loving Husband Levi McCormick     Good by

April 3th 1864

Fairfax Coarthouse Verginia

Dear wife  this is Sunday morning  I hav not had a letter from you sence last Saturday  we are all prety wel but A. Morison and he is a good peace from being wel and I hope this will find you all wel  I hav just come off of guard and I feel sleepy but I must try and pen you a fiew lines  I was down to Washington this weak for the Captin and I got my ambertipes and I going to send you one and Julia the other  the armey is geting ready to moove but we dont know wheather we will hav to go or not but all of the old tropes from about Washington has gon front  Grant is making great preperration for this moove and I hope it will come out all right  I think he will take Richmond this time  I sean Pogue on the cars as I come up and he told me that he was sutler in the first Del reg and he had bin geting his lisence  I sean in the paper yesterday that Grant gives all sutlers to the 4th of April to leav the armey of the Potomach so he can go home and go to work or else try the musket on his sholder  all of the maryland soldiers is to go home this weak on ten days furlow to the election to say weather that state shal be fred of hur slaves or not  our compney went on picket this morning  it has bin verry stormy hear for 2 weaks  it has bin snowing and raining hear for 2 day & 2 nights but it is drying some today but (   ? ) Buckingham has got back again but I hav not asked him what he did with money for I think I wll get a letter to day  Samuel sais that he told Lizzie that she could hav the coat for Tom so you can let hur hav it  I told him to write to you and tel you know what to doe  Harkness to a box this weak and the things was verry nice  you can tel Morisons that Andy has not got a letter for some time and I think that they ought to write as soon as they can for he thinks that some of them is sick and they wont write  I think he has sisters enough to write once a weak at least but he feels bad and he wants to hear from home   I will send you my likness in this and I want you to write every weak and when write please send me two dollars for I will hav to hav a little about me  I wont seal this letter until the mail comes

This is munday morning  I received you letter in yester days mail  Samuel got some letters  he sais he will rite the last of the weak  he sais to give them folks that coat Lea Pusey profesed to loose his money out of his pocket but it is hard to tel it   he got a pass to go to Washington on thursday last and the pass was out on friday but he is not back yet  I would like to hear how Josey is geting  if he can walk eney better or not  I sean Grant the other day  he is a fine looking man but I dont think he is verry proud  he sais that the soldiers shall hav Sunday  the reviews must be stoped  I must bring my letter to close  I send my love to you all   no more at present from your loving Husband

                    Levi McCormick

good bye

please make your Co E on the letter so they can tel it from Co. C for my last letter went to Co. C

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