Johnston thru Justisson

Johnston Benjamin 1st Inf. B
Johnston George W. 1st Inf. A Cpl.
Johnston George W. 5th Inf. H
Johnston Isaac E. 5th Inf. H
Johnston John F. 1st inf.
Johnston John W. 1st Inf. G
Johnston William H. 2nd Inf. G
Joins George 1st Inf. A
Jones Ambrose S. 5th Inf. F
Jones Ananias P. 3rd Inf. H
Jones Andrew W. Lt.Arty. Nield's Ind.Btty.
Jones Andrew W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A
Jones Andrew W. 1st Inf. C Sgt.
Jones Benjamin B. 3rd Inf. F
Jones Charles 4th Inf. G Drum
Jones Charles R. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Jones Charles W. 8th Inf.
Jones Daniel 1st Inf. I
Jones Daniel 6th Inf. E
Jones David 3rd Inf. K
Jones David 8th Inf.
Jones Ebey 1st Inf. I
Jones Eby 3rd Inf. B
Jones Edward 1st Inf. E
Jones Ennis J. 6th Inf. A
Jones George 1st Inf. D
Jones George 1st Inf. I
Jones George 1st Inf. K
Jones George 3rd Inf. I
Jones George 7th Inf. A
Jones Geo. F. 1st Inf. D
Jones George W. Cav. 1st Bn. F, C
Jones George W. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) E
Jones  George W. 1st Inf. G Cpl.
Jones George W. 2nd Inf. I Cpl.
Jones George W. 3rd Inf. F
Jones Henry C. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) A Sgt.
Jones Henry C. 1st Inf. B
Jones Henry C. 2nd Inf. K
Jones Henry H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) C
Jones Henry H. 2nd Inf.  K, I 2nd Lt.
Jones Hugh C. 2nd Inf. C
Jones Jacob 1st Inf. E
Jones James Cav. 1st Bn. D
Jones James 7th Inf. B
Jones James H. 3rd Inf. G
Jones James H. 6th Inf. H
Jones James L. 6th Inf. G
Jones James M. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Jones James P. 8th Inf. B
Jones James P. 9th Inf. F 4-19-24 - 1905  buried West Laurel Hill Cemetery. Bala Cynwyd, PA
Jones James Q. 6th Inf. G
Jones James W. Cav. 1st Bn. D
Jones Jeremiah 6th Inf. E
Jones John Lt.Arty Nields' Ind.Btty.
Jones John 1st Inf.
Jones John 3rd Inf. A
Jones John 8th Inf.
Jones  John A. 5th Inf. I
Jones John C. 4th Inf.
Jones John F. Cav. 1st Bn. E, A Comsy. Sgt.
Jones John H. Cav. 1st Bn. A, B Cpl.
Jones Joseph 1st Inf. E
Jones Joseph C. 5th Inf. F
Jones Joseph C. 5th Inf. F 2nd Lt.
Jones Joseph H. 4th Inf. G
Jones Joshua B. 6th Inf. H
Jones Levi I. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Jones Levin J. 6th Inf. D
Jones Lewis A. 1st Inf. B
Jones Lewis A. 2nd Inf. D, K
Jones Lewis W. Cav. 1st Bn. A
Jones Michael Cav. 1st Bn. G, D
Jones Miller (Miller D.) Cav. 1st Bn. E, A
Jones Miller D. 5th Inf. H
Jones Morgan Cav. 1st Bn. G Cpl.
Jones Nathaniel 9th Inf. F
Jones Nicholas 4th Inf. H
Jones Oliver C. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F
Jones Oliver C. 1st Inf. I
Jones Peter Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Jones Philip C. 1st Inf. E
Jones Phillip R. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) B
Jones Purnell B. 3rd Inf. A
Jones Richard 3rd Inf. E
Jones Richard 6th Inf. E
Jones Richard R. 9th Inf. H Cpl.
Jones Robert M. 9th Inf F
Jones Samuel Cav. 1st Bn. D
Jones Samuel 3rd Inf. E Cpl.
Jones Samuel 4th Inf. A Cpl.
Jones Samuel 7th Inf. G
Jones Samuel P. 1st Inf. F Cpl.
Jones Samuel P. 3rd Inf. K
Jones Sewell 5th Inf. I
Jones Sewell 9th Inf. B
Jones Stephen S. 3rd Inf. A
Jones Theodore Cav. 1st Bn. C Cpl.
Jones Theodore 7th Inf. B Cpl.
Jones Thomas 1st Inf.
Jones Thomas 1st Inf. D
Jones Thomas C. 4th Inf. K
Jones Thomas W. 7th Inf. E
Jones Thomas W. 8th Inf. B Cpl.
Jones William 1st Inf. E
Jones William 1st Inf. F Cpl.
Jones William 4th Inf. F
Jones  William 4th Inf. H
Jones William 7th Inf. B
Jones Wm. B. 5th Inf. I
Jones William H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) H
Jones Wm. H. 3rd Inf. H
Jones William J. 6th Inf. A Cpl.
Jordan Charles T. 6th Inf. F
Jordan Emiel 3rd Inf. D
Jordan Ephraim 2nd Inf. C 2nd Lt.
Jordan William 4th Inf. I
Jordan William N. 6th Inf. F
Jorden Charles (Charles M.) 2nd Inf. I
Jordon Emiel 1st Inf. G
Jordon Henry P. 4th Inf. A
Jordon John H. 5th Inf. E
Joseph Dagworthy D. 3rd Inf. E. K, C Capt.
Joseph David 6th Inf. C
Joseph Elisha 6th Inf. C
Joseph Gardner W. 3rd Inf. B Sgt.
Joseph  George W. 3rd Inf. D, G Capt.
Joseph George W. 6th Inf. I
Joseph James B. 9th Inf. D
Joseph James H. 3rd Inf. D
Joseph Jesse E. 6th Inf. C
Joseph Jesse E. 9th Inf. D
Joseph John Cav. 1st Bn. B
Joseph Joshua B. 3rd Inf. D, K
Joseph Levin D. 6th Inf. B
Joseph Nemiah 6th Inf. C
Joseph Noah 1st Inf. G Cpl.
Joseph Noah 3rd Inf. D Cpl.
Joseph Peter P. 6th Inf. B
Joseph Robert M. 1st Inf. C Sgt.
Joseph Robert M. 3rd Inf. D Sgt.
Joseph Silas I. 6th Inf. B
Joseph Sylvester B. 3rd Inf. D, K
Joseph Theodore W. 9th Inf. D
Joseph Thomas 3rd Inf. B Sgt.
Joseph Thomas H. 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) G
Joseph Thomas H. 6th Inf. C
Joseph William 3rd Inf. B, D
Joseph William E.  (C.) 1st Inf.  E Cpl. d: 28 Apr 1864  cause:  Diarrhea  bur: Andersonville National Cemetery, GA  grave #790
Joseph Zachariah 9th Inf. D
Joseph Zachariah S. 6th Inf. C
Joshen Edward 1st Inf. (3 mo. '61) F
Joshon Alfred 7th Inf. C
Joyce Joshua 8th Inf. C
Judge John 7th Inf. K
Judge John 8th Inf.
Jump Josiah W. 7th Inf. I
Jump Samuel 9th Inf. B
Junerell Charles 4th Inf. I
Jupont Valentine 3rd Inf. B, I
Justice Benjamin Cav. 1st Bn. F, C
Justice George 7th Inf. G
Justinson Martine M. 4th Inf. C
Justis George 5th Inf. A
Justis George 8th Inf. A Cpl.
Justison George C. 5th Inf. A
Justison George C. 7th Inf. E Cpl.
Justison George M. 1st Inf. H Sgt.
Justison Martin 1st Inf. H
Justison Martin M. 1st Inf. F
Justisson Daniel C. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.


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