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You will notice cavalry and artillery companies listed within infantry regiments. Later in the war, these were transferred to all cavalry or artillery units. You will also see listed, units which originated in other states, but which fought under Illinois designations. Some units of Illinois men were recruited and assigned to other states, then officially transferred and re-named as Illinois regiments. Other units such as Busteed's Chicago Light Artillery apparently remained as part of the New York 1st Light Artillery and 4th Artillery for the remainder of the war.

Civil War common practice was utilized for Regiments with unknown nicknames, and the Colonel's name was plugged in temporarily. IE: 63 Mord's (Francis) Regiment.

The sources for the following Illinois data is as follows:
A.- Illinois Military Units in the Civil War as published by the Civil War Centennial Commission of Illinois, November 1962 and provided  by Frank Crawford 

B- Google
    1.- Illinois Adjutant General's Office
    2.- Dyers Compendium

INFANTRY - 156 Regiment CAVALRY- 17 Regiments ARTILLERY

  1-6 Regiments not assigned  
    7- Fremont's Rifles
Mounted infantry(temporary)
   8- Oglesgy's (R.J.) Regt.  
      Mounted infantry(temporary)
  10- The Twins (campaigned with 14th [or 16th] reg)or Morgan's (J.D.) Regt.
      F. Houghtaling's (Chas) Battery (3 mos)
      F. Ottowa Battery (3 mos)
      I. Hopkin's (Caleb) Light Artillery Battery (3 mos)
      I. Springfield Artillery (3 mos)
      K. McAllister's (Edward ) Battery (3 mos)
      K. Plainfield Artillery ( 3 mos)

      G. McArthur's Escort Cavalry
  12- 1st Scotch Regiment
  13- Fremont's Greyhounds/ Wyman's (John B.) Reg
  14- The Twins (campaigned with 10th reg)/ Palmer's Reg.
      L. Chapman's (Fletcher H) Battery, 1st
  16- The Twins (campaigned with 10th/ Palmer's Reg.)
      A. Pope's Bodyguard
      K. Ram Monarch Marine Detachment(old)
  19- Turchin's (John B.) Reg.
      A. Chicago Zouaves
      B. Elmira Guards
      C. Chicago Zouaves
      D. Chicago Light Infantry
      E. Highlands Guards
      F. Cass County Guards
      H. Moline Rifles
      I. Anti- Beauregards

  21- Seventh Congressional District Reg
  23- 1st Chicago Irish Regt.
      A. Detroit (Mich) Jackson Guards
      B. Montgomery Guards
      C. Mahoney Guards / Jackson Guards
      D. Earlville Guards or Earl Rifles
      E. Ottowa Guards
      F. LaSalle Guards
      H. Ottowa Guards
      I. Shields Guards
      K. Shields Guards
   ? Oconto (Wisconsin) Irish Guards (Artillery)

  24- 1st Hecker Reg/ Hecker Jager/? Lincoln Rifles/? Mihalotzy Rifles

  25- McClelland's (J.S.) Reg
      E. Hutchen's (William A.) Cavalry Co
      B. Carmichael's (Eagleton) Cavalry
      D. O'Hartnette's (M.J.) Cavalry Company
  31- Dirty- First/ Shawnee Classics/ Logan's (J.A.) Reg
      A. Dresser's (Jasper M.) Battery
      C. Dollin's (James J.) Cavalry Company

A. Gilmore's (Ephraim M.) Cavalry Company
  33- Brains/ Normal/ Teacher's Regiment
      K. Bateman Rifles
  34- Rock River/ Red River Rifle Regiment
  35- Smith's (Gustavus A.) Independent Regiment
  36- Fox River / Sheridan's Pets/ Greusal's (Nicholas) Regiment
      A. Hamilton's Escort (Cav.)
      A. Jenk's (Albert) Cav. or dragoons
      A. Rosecran's Escort
      A. Willis's (George A.) Cav. Co.
      B. Davis' Escort
      B. Sherer's (Samual B.) Cav. Co.
      B. Smith's (Henry B.) Cav. Co.

  37- Freemont Rifles/ Illinois Greyhounds
  39- Yates Phalanx
      A. Decatur grays
      H. Shelby Tigers


42- 1st Douglas Brigade
  43- Koerner Regiment
      ? Northwestern Rifles

45- Washburn Lead Mine Regiment
     E. Goodwin Rifles
  46- Davis's (John A.) Regiment
  49- Morrison's (William R.) Regiment
  50- Blind Half Hundred Regiment
      Mounted infantry (Temporary)
 51- Chicago Legion
      ?. Ryan Life Guard

  52- Sweeney's (T.W.) Regiment
     A. Gilbert's (F.T.) Cav. Co.
      A. Cogwell's Battery
      A. Ford's (William) Independent Cav. Co.
  54- Mitchell's (G.M.) Regiment

  55- Canton Rifles/ 2nd Douglas Brigade
      F. Bushnell Light Guards

      A. Wisconsin Mechanics & Fusilleers

      B. Ohio Mechanics & Fusilleers
      C. Indiana Mechanics and Fusilleers
      H. Ohio Mechanics & Fusilleers
  57- National Guards
       ? Lyon Color Guard

       ? McClelland Brigade

  59- Formerly 9th Missouri Zouave Regiment
      K. Chicago Sappers and Miners
      ? Switzerland Ram Marine Detachment (part)


  62- True's (James M. ) Regiment
  63- Moro's (Francis) Regiment

      ?. Switzerland Ram Marine Detachment (Part)
  64- Yates Sharpshooter Regiment

      A-F Yates Sharpshooters
  65- 2nd Scotch Regiment/Cameron's (Daniel) Highlanders
  66- Western Sharpshooters /Birges Regiment (formerly 14 Mo.)
       D. Michigan Company Sharpshooters, John Piper
      G. Ohio Sharpshooters
      H. Ohio Sharpshooters
      K. Ohio Sharpshooters
  70- (3 mos)
  71- (3 mos)
  72- 1st Chicago Board of Trade Regiment
     ?. Hancock Guards
  73- Persimmon/ Preacher Regiment
  74- Marsh's (Jason) Regiment
  76- Mack's (A.W.) Regiment
  79- Guinnip's (Lyman) Regiment
  80- Allen's (T.C.) Regiment
     ?. Mounted infantry (temporary)
  82- 2nd Hecker Regiment
     C. Concordia Guards
     D. Scandivaneans

  86- Iron's (David C.) Regiment
     ?. Mounted Infantry(Temporary)
  88- 2nd Chicago Board of Trade Regiment
  89- Railroad regiment
  90- Irish Legion/ O'Meara's (Timothy) Regiment
  91- Day's (Henry M.) Regiment
  92- Atkin's Regiment
     ?. Mounted infantry (temporary)
  94- McLean County Regiment
  98- Funkhouser's (John J.) Regiment
      ?. Mounted infantry (Temporary)
  99- Bailey's (George W) Regiment
 100- Bartleson's (Fred A.) Regiment
 101- Fox's (Charles H.) Regiment
      ?. Switzerland Ram marine detachment (part)

      ?. Boyle's Battery
      ?. Colvins Battery

Casey's (Thomas R.) Regiment
      ?. Mounted infantry (temporary)

 113- 3rd Chicago Board of Trade Regiment
 114- Judy's Regiment
 115- 2nd Preachers Regiment
 116- Tupper's (Nathan W.) Regiment
 117- Moore's (Risdon M.) Regiment
 118- Fonda's (John E.) Regiment
 119- Kinney's (Thomas J.) Regiment

        ?. Mounted infantry (Temporary)
 124- Excelsior Regiment  aka the Hundred and Two Dozen
Richmond's (Jonathan) Regiment
Smith's (George P.) Regiment
Ankney's (Roland V.) Regiment
 143- Smith's (Dudley C.) Regiment (100 days)
      A. Stookey's (Simon J.) Independent Co (100 days)
      B. Curtis' (John) Independent Co (100 days)

Kueffer's (William C.) Regiment
 151- Woodall's (French B.) Regiment
 152- Stephenson's (Ferdinand D.) Regiment
Smith's (Gustave H.) Regiment
Independent Infantry Units
Alton Battalion infantry (100 days)
Steele's (James) Independent Co Infantry- Steele's Rifles
Kowald's (Gustav) Co infantry- Turner Union Cadets
Walker's (Joseph D.) Independent Co Infantry (3 mos)

   1- Marshall's (William S.) Regiment
      B. Gallatin County Cav.
      B. Hoffman Dragoons
      B. Schumbeck's ( Frederick) Cav. Co.
      F. Western Cavalry, Freemont Hussars, Missouri Volunteers- Later 4 Mo, Co L
      H. Centralia Cav.
       I. White County Cav.
      K. Huntley's Cav. Co Light Dragoons
      K. Steele's Bodyguard
?. Thielemann's (Christian) Cav. Co.

      A. Logan's Escort
      A. Ord's Escort
      A. Stevenson's Escort
      B. Quimby's Escort
      C. Adams County Cav (later L)
      L. Adams County Cav (prev. C)
      M. McKean's Escort

   3- Carr's (Eugene A.) Regiment
      A. Morgan's (George W.) Escort
      D. Steele's Escort
      E. Morgan's (George W.) Escort- later 4 &5 Mo
      L. McClernand's Escort

      A. Grant's Escort
      B. Carmichael's (Eagleton) Cav. Co. #2
      C. Dollins' (James J.) Cav. Co.
      D. Quinby's Escort

   5- Wilson's (Hall) Regiment
      ?. Franklins (Angereau) Horse Artillery

   7- Kellog's Regiment
      B. Rosecran's Escort
      B. Smith's (William S.) Escort
      C. Morgan's (James D.) Escort
      C. Palmer's (John M.) Escort

   9- Brackett's (Albert G.) Cav. Reg.

      G. Blair's Escort
      G. Crocker's Escort
      G. McArthur's Escort

      A. Gilmore's (Ephraim M.) Cav. Co- later Co F
      F. per above
      H. Barker's (Charles W.) Dragoons- Co A
      H. Gilbert's (Franklin T.) Cav. Co.- later transferred to 15th Reg.
      H. McClellan Dragoons, Co A
      I. Barker's (Charles W.) Dragoons- Co B
      I. McClellan Dragoons, Co B

  13- German Guide
Hartmann's (Theobald) Dragoons- 1 Battalion
      A-F Stewart's (Warren) Independent Cav Cos
      B. Carmichael's (Eagleton) Cav. Co.
      D. O'Harnett's (M.J.) Cav. Co.
      H. Wilder's Cav. Co.
      H. Steele's Escort
      I. Willis' (George A.) Cav. Co.
      K. William's Escort
      K. Smith's (Henry A.) Cav. Co.
      K. Slocum's Escort
      K. Sherer's (Samual B.) Cav. Co.

      C. Dollin's (James J.) Cav. co.
      D. Clinton County Cav.
      E. Hutchen's (William D.) Cav. Co.
      G. Gilbert's (Franklin T.) Cav. Co.
      H. Kane County Cav.
      I. Hamilton's Escort
      I. Jenk's (Albert) Cav. co.
      I. Rosecrans Escort
      K. Davis's Escort- prev. 3 Ky., Co G
      K. Hooker's Escort

      A. Chicago Cavalry
      A. Thielmann's (Christian)-
Co. A
      B. Chicago Cavalry
      B. Thielmann's (Christian) co. B
      C. Chicago Dragoons or Rifles
      C. Hoffman Dragoons- co B
      C. Schumbeck's (Frederick ) Cav. co.
      C. Washington Light Cav.
      I. McClernand Guard Battalion or bodyguard
      L. Same
      K. same

Independent Cavalry Units
Charles W. Barker's Independent Co. Chicago Dragoons (2 mos)- Barker's 
Bowen's Independent Battalion- later 9th and 10th Missouri
Warren Steward's Independent Battalion Cav Cos.
Oscar H. Huntley's Independent Cavalry- Co A
Robert H. Graham's Cav Co L

      A. Bridges Battery
      A. Chicago Light Artillery, co A
      A. Morgan's (Francis) Battery
      A. Smith's (James) Battery 
      A. Wilcox's (Edward P.) Battery
      A. Willard's (Charles M.) Battery
      A. Wood's (Peter P.) Battery
      B. Barrett's (Samuel E.) Battery
      B. Chicago Light Artillery, co B
      B. Ramsey's (Israel P.) Battery
      B.Taylor's (Ezra) Battery
      B. White's (Lyman A.) Battery
      C. Channel's (John R.) Battery
      C. Houghtaling's (Charles) Battery
      C. Ottowa Artillery, co A
      C. Prescott's (Mark K.) Battery
      D. Cooper's (Edgar H.) Battery
      D. McAllister's (Edward) Battery
      D. Plainfield Artillery
      D. Rodger's (Henry A.) Battery
      E. Cram's (Orrin W.) Battery
      E. Fitch's (John A.) Battery
      E. Waterhouse's (Allen C.) Battery
      F. Burton's (Josiah H.) Battery
      F. Chaney's (John T.) Battery
      G. Chicago Light Artillery, co G
      G. O'Leary's Battery
      G. Rombauer's (Raphael G.) Battery
      G. O'Leary's Siege Artillery
      H. Degress' (Francis) Battery
      H. Hart's (Levi W.) Battery
      H. Silversparrel's (Axel) Battery
      I. Bouton's (Edward) Battery
      I. Cudney's (Albert) Battery
      I. Neely's (John C.) Battery
      K. Colvin's Battery
      K. Franklin's (Angereau) Battery
      K. Smith's (Jason B.) Battery
      L. Mulligan's Battery
      L. Ocanto (Wisconsin) Irish Guards
      L. Rouark's (John) 11th Wisconsin Independent Battery
      M. Cogwell's Battery
      M. Spencer's (George W.) Battery

      A. Davidson's Battery
      A. Peoria Light Artillery
      B. Chapman's (Fletcher H.) Battery- 1st
      B. Madison's (Reilly) Battery
      C. Flood's (James P.) Battery
      C. Springfield Artillery
      D. Campbell's (Charles C.) Battery
      D. Chapman's (Fletcher H.) Battery- 2nd
      D. Cooper's (Charles S.) Battery
      D. Dresser's (Jasper M.) Battery
      D. Timoney's (James P.) Battery
      E. Gumbart's (George C.) Battery
      E. Schwartz's Missouri Battery
      E. Nispel's (George L.) Battery
      F. Richardson's (George R.) Battery
      G. Lowel's (John W.) Battery
      G. Sparrestrom's (Frederick) Battery A
      G. Stolbrand's (Charles G.) Battery
      H. Stenbeck's (Andrew) Battery
      H. Whittemoe's (Henry C.) Battery
      I. Barnett's (Charles M.) Battery
      I. Keith's (Charles W.) Battery
      I. Rich's (Judson) Battery
      K. Barber's (Thomas C.) Battery
      K. Rodger's (Benjamin F.) Battery (prev. D)
      L. Bolton's (William H.) Battery
      L. Hulaniski's (Thaddeus C.) Battery
      L. Nichol's (Erastus A.) Battery
      M. Phillip's (John C.) Battery

      C. Hopkin's (Caleb) Battery

  Independent Units
   Ist Ind Battery- Cogswell's (William) Battery
  2nd Ind Battery- Stoke's (James H.) Battery
  3rd Ind Battery- Vaughn's (Thomas F.) Battery
  4th Ind Battery- Cooley's (Charles C.) Battery
  5th Ind Battery- Renwick's (Charles W.) Battery
  6th Ind Battery- Henshaw's (Edward C.) Battery
  7th Ind Battery- Colvin's (John H.) Battery

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