February 2003

Leafing Through our Civil War Notebook

This month I'm going to do something just a little different.  Together, we're going to leaf through our Civil War Notebook "chapter by chapter," but first a little history on the Bits of Blue and Gray column.  Back in October of 1999, Bill Hocutt, aka Unk Hiram, asked me if I would write a monthly Civil War Column for a new website he and a couple of his friends were starting.  Maybe you remember StateGenSites.   (I later found out I was second choice ;) I was extremely reluctant because I really didn't know that much about the war, I usually worked with researching the Civil War ancestors.  Unk continued to "badger" me till I finally said yes. (He really is a sweetheart, but I don't want to ruin his reputation.) January 2000 was the debut of the column.  Along about March of 2001, there were some problems with getting our columns uploaded to the StateGenSites website.  The last column to appear there was May of 2001.  It was a few months after that when I decided to give having a website of my own a whirl.  I didn't want a server where there were ads of any kind and I wanted my own domain name. Amy Waltz had found a good "home" at Powweb.com for her www.thefinalwaltz.com website so here I am. In anticipation of the new site, in September of 2001 I resumed the columns, stock piling them for the "grand opening."  With Amy and my friend William Martin helping and UnkHiram encouraging me, Bits of Blue and Gray debuted in November of 2001.  I can't begin to thank all of you folks enough, who agreed to do columns for me, sent me letters, stories, trivia and all the other information I received.  Without all of you, there would be no Bits of Blue and Gray.  

Since March of 1998, I was, and still am a Host in the American Civil War History Special Interest Group on AOL, where I learn as much about the Civil War as our room members do. Stop into the Genealogy Forum Golden Gates room (AOL only - (KEYWORD: Roots) > chats > chat center > Golden Gates), some Thursday night at 11 PM ET and say hello.  Now let's get on with leafing thru our notebook.

On the Index page, you'll see a link to the latest column and links to new items added to the notebook. The DE Roster of Civil War Soldiers is always being updated, so if you have a DE soldier, keep an eye on the "What's New..." box. 

Let's go down the tabs on the left side of the Index page. The first tab is the Archive. If you click on it, you will be taken to all of the previous columns, including the very first columns that were on another site I was associated with. 

The next tab is Letters . Behind that tab you will find letters from my husband's Great-Grandfather, Levi McCormick.  More will be added in the future.  You will also find letters sent to me by you, the readers, from your ancestors. More of those will be added also.

Next you will find Poetry.  Some are written during the war and some written about the war.  In either case, I'm sure you'll enjoy them all.

Our next tab is Songs.  We've tried to include both Union and Confederate songs.  If you have a favorite, let me know and I'll get it up there as time allows.  

One of the favorite areas in behind the Ghosts tab.  Everyone loves a ghost story!  If you have one you'd like to share, please feel free to send it!!.  

Behind the Miscellaneous tab, you might find just about anything.  There are recipes, stories about everyday life and we have Civil War stamps issued between 1866 and 1970.

From Our Readers includes stories, plus some suggested reading,  that you, the reader, has sent to share with the other folks. 

Chronicles of the Great Rebellion is a book written by Rev. Allen M. Scott, D. D. in about 1864, published by C. F. Vent & Co, of Cincinnati.  Right now, about half of the book is finished.  More chapters will be added soon.

Next comes the Civil War Trivia.  It was gathered from several different sources, including books, websites, and friends.

Suggested Offline Reading includes names of many books, mostly non-fiction. Included are diaries, the Shaara books, the Shelby Foote series and many others. 

Favorite Civil War Sites is pretty self-explanatory.  While there aren't a whole lot of links like some of the sites, there ARE sites for Rosters, Histories, Battles, Diaries, pictures, researching your CW ancestor... just about anything you'd like to see.

Behind the Friends' Sites tab we have:

        If you think your Civil War ancestor may be buried in Montgomery County, PA,
        you'll want to check out Amy Waltz's  http://www.thefinalwaltz.com

        William Martin has a site dedicated to WV Genealogy and History. 
        A message board is there for your convenience. 

        If you want to have a website built for you, you might want to visit Amy at
        http://www.thefinalwaltz.com/webdesign.htm  and see what she has to offer.

        Then we have Uncle Hiram's Genealogy Site, Adventures in Genealogy and more.
        Be sure to check out Bill Hocutt's Genealogy Cabin Chats at http://www.bhocutt.com
        Don't miss the bulletin boards there too.  There is bound to be a subject of interest
        to you.

        Researching your ancestors from PA? You definitely want to visit Michelle Rich's site at

        Was your Civil War Ancestor a prisoner and/or buried at Andersonville? 
        Visit Kevin Frye's site at:

        http://www.dixieresearch.com is the Civil War History as related to the western
        counties of VA now WV by Steve Teeft.

        Dorothy Hober has a great site for Civil War Resources

The next tab is The DE Roster of Civil War Soldiers.  What an undertaking this has been!!!  It's about half way finished, with Aaron to McGurk listed.  I've added additional information on the soldiers that you, the readers, have sent to me or information I have found myself.  I am so indebted to Kevin Frye for photographing the tombstones of the Delaware soldiers who are buried at Andersonville.  See the link for Kevin's site above. 

Then we have the Roster for the Fourth Delaware Regiment Infantry Volunteers, which was my husband's great-grandfather Levi McCormick's Regiment.  The soldiers are listed by rank within each company.  I want to thank the Historical Society of DE for giving me permission to use the pictures of the officers. 

The last tab in our notebook is the DPACW Workshop.  It was created by me for a workshop on the computer at the Delaware Public Archives to show people where they can go on the internet to learn about researching their Civil War ancestors. 

I hope you've enjoyed your tour through our notebook and I hope you've found something of interest to you.  If you have a Civil War story, letters, poems, songs, ghost stories, etc.  you would like to share, please don't hesitate to write.  bitsobluengray@aol.com.

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