Deagant to Dizer

Deagant George L. 6th Inf A
Deakyne James H. Cav. 1st Bn. A
Deakyne John 9th Inf F
Deakyne Joseph B. 6th Inf F
Deal Hiram 5th Inf I
Dean Charles H. 1st Inf E
Dean John Arty. Crossley's Half Co.
Dean Wm. I. 1st Inf E
Deats George W. 7th Inf F
Deats James H. Cav. 1st Bn. A
Deaver Stephen 5th Inf B
Debay John 8th Inf B
Debeck John 1st Inf E
DeBerger Adolph 2nd Inf A
Debuty Thomas H. 3rd Inf C
Decaver James 1st Inf B
Decklin Wm. 1st Inf B
Deckman Peter 4th Inf B Sgt.
Dee Morris M. Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Deen Michael 7th Inf A
Deer John 5th Inf E
Deery John 5th Inf D
Deery Michael 5th Inf D
Deford Joseph 1st Inf
Degan Jacob 9th Inf B
Degant George L. 7th Inf F
Degger John 1st Inf K
Dehan John P. 5th Inf D
Dehan Victor 5th Inf B
Dehan Victory 7th Inf A
Deihl William B. 5th Inf I
Deike Louis T. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) K
Deitz Bernard 2nd Inf E
Delaney Clifford W. 7th Inf F
Delaney Thomas 1st Inf A
Delaney Thomas 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H
Delanie Joseph Cav. 1st Bn. A,B Cpl.
Delap John H. 2nd Inf B
Delarui Antonio 2nd Inf A
Delassey Manuel 1st Inf F
Delavan Robert 2nd Inf I
Delius Frederick 2nd Inf F
Dellan Robert (Dellin) 7th Inf B 1 Mustered in 7/11/1864 in Wilmington, Delaware, mustered out 8/12/1864  headstone located at the M.E. Methodist Cemetery in the city of New Castle,  New Castle County, Delaware.
DelRice JoeQuin Antonio 1st Inf C
Dempsey John C. 6th Inf H
Dempsey Theodore Cav. 1st Bn. E,A
Dempster Alexander 7th Inf I
Demsey George I. (or J.) 6th Inf H Cpl.
Dening Henry C. 1st Inf G
Denler Daniel 2nd Inf K
Denney Leonza N. 4th Inf I
Denney Theodore 1st Inf (3mo. '61) F
Denney Theodore J. (Theodore) 4th Inf I Cpl.
Denning Daniel L. 6th Inf A Sgt.
Dennis Aaron 1st Inf B
Dennis Benjamin 5th Inf F
Dennis Benjamin F. 7th Inf C
Dennis Garrison Cav. 1st Bn. B
Dennis George 1st Inf G
Dennis George W. Cav. 1st. Bn. A Cpl.
Dennis George W. 9th Inf F
Dennis John 1st Inf C
Dennis John W. Cav. 1st Bn. D,B,A
Dennis Levi 1st Inf C
Dennis Zachariah G. (Z. G.) 4th Inf K
Dennison James 1st Inf A
Dennison Robert 5th Inf G
Dennly George 6th Inf E
Denny Benjamin 9th Inf B
Denny John A. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Denny William, Jr. 6th Inf A
Denny William, Jr. 7th Inf F Cpl.
Denson Benjamin 1st Inf G died:06 Feb 1865 bur:  City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell, VA  space #3839
Dent James T. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) E
Dent John T. 1st Inf G Maj.
Deputy Benjamin B. 7th Inf D
Deputy Jesse, Jr. 7th In I
Deputy John 5th Inf A
Derbisher James Cav. 1st Bn. G,D
Derickson Benjamin B. 6th Inf D
Derickson George T. 6th Inf D
Derickson John M 6th Inf D
Derickson Levin 6th Inf D
Derickson Stephen 6th Inf D
Derickson William 6th Inf D
Derickson William W. 9th Inf C
Derity Benjamin 1st Inf I
Derren John 1st Inf A
Derrick Charles A. Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Derrick Samuel H. 5th Inf D
Derrickson Benjamin (Benjamin B.D.) 9th Inf H
Derrickson Charles W. 1st Inf E
Derrickson Edward 9th Inf D
Derrickson George, Jr. 5th Inf I
Derrickson George M. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Derrickson Henry A. Cav. 1st Bn. G, D Cpl.
Derrickson James H. 9th Inf D
Derrickson John 1st Inf B
Derrickson John 2nd Inf I Sgt.
Derrickson Phineas 5th Inf B Cpl.
Derrickson Robert H. 9th Inf D
Derrickson William E. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Derrickson William H. Cav. 1st Bn. F,C
Derry John, Jr. 5th Inf D
Dervir George 1st Inf
Desch Adam 1st Inf E
Desino Edwin 1st Inf D
Desmond Wm. 1st Inf
Detman Charles 2nd Inf H
Devalin John Cav. 1st Bn. B
Devall John 5th Inf A
Devanney Edward Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Devanney James Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Devanney Patrick Hvy.Arty. Ahl's Ind. Co.
Develin Francis 2nd Inf G Cpl.
Devenish John 1st Inf B
Deveny John 2nd Inf B,H 2nd Lt.
Dever Andrew 4th Inf K Cpl.
Dever Gilbert 5th Inf F
Dever James 8th Inf
Dever John 4th Inf K
Deville Wm. 1st Inf G Cpl.
Devine Charles 3rd Inf G
Devine Patrick 1st Inf I
Devine Patrick 3rd Inf B
Devinney William 5th Inf B
Devlin Charles 3rd Inf I
Devlin James 1st Inf  (3mo.  '61) B
Devlin James J. 1st Inf D
Devlin John 2nd Inf D
Devlin John J. (John) 3rd Inf B
Devlin Patrick 2nd Inf K
Devnish John E. 2nd Inf G,K
Devormanding Thomas A, 5th Inf C
Dewes Abraham 3rd Inf H
Dewise Henry 4th Inf I
Dexter Norman (Norvon) 4th Inf I,B d:  09 Aug 1864  bur: National Cemetery, Alexandria, VA grave #2527
Dhiel John P. 2nd Inf F
Diar Jeremiah 3rd Inf E
Dichler Frederick 1st Inf (3mo. '61)  F
Dick George T. 5th Inf G
Dick John W. 4th Inf D Cpl.
Dickenson George A. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) C
Dickenson John H. 3rd Inf F 1st Sgt.
Dickenson Vincent 1st Inf H
Dickerson Albert 7th Inf I
Dickerson Alfred 3rd Inf B
Dickerson Allison J. (Allison) 3rd Inf G
Dickerson Charles 2nd Inf B
Dickerson David E. (David) 2nd Inf I
Dickerson Ezekiel W. 6th Inf D
Dickerson James G. 5th Inf Chap.
Dickerson John 1st Inf C 1st Sgt.
Dickerson Jonathan 9th Inf G Sgt.
Dickerson Jonathan D. 7th Inf I
Dickerson Jonathan F. 9th Inf E Cpl.
Dickerson Nehemiah 9th Inf G
Dickerson Wm. 1st Inf I
Dickerson William H. 4th Inf B Sgt.
Dickerson William J. (William) 9th Inf D
Dickey John 7th Inf F
Dickey Thomas B. 1st Inf H
Dickenson Eli 4th Inf B Sgt.
Dickenson Solomon 2nd Inf B
Dickson Edward R. 2nd Inf H
Dickson Jacob P 6th Inf A
Dickson James 7th Inf K
Dickson John 1st Inf
Didderline John 1st Inf C
Diehl Theodore 9th Inf B
Digney H. J. 4th Inf F
Dill Alexander S. 1st Inf G
Dill Alexander, Jr. S. (Alexander S.) 3rd Inf H
Dill Alexander, Sr. S. 3rd Inf H
Dill Alfred W. 1st Inf K
Dill Andrew 6th Inf H Cpl.
Dill Benjamin F. Cav. 1st Bn. F,A
Dill Peter 6th Inf H Fifer
Dill Samuel (Samuel F.) 4th Inf H
Dill Samuel S. 1st Inf D
Dill Thomas C. 1st Inf (3mo. '61) H Sgt.
Dill William H. 6th Inf H Drum
Dill Wiliam H. 9th Inf E Music
Dill William W. (William) 1st Inf H
Dillahay John 1st Inf C
Dillahay John 3rd Inf G bur:  Milford Cemetery, Milford, DE;  headstone reads 8th DE;  he was a member of the 3rd DE until transferred to the 8th at the end of the war.
Dilleahay Benjamin B. 6th Inf F
Dillen David D.G. 1st Inf E
Dillen David D.G. 4th Inf D
Dilliahae James 2nd Inf I
Dilliha James 1st Inf B
Dillin John 1st Inf B
Dillman George 2nd Inf I
Dillman John 2nd Inf I
Dillman Samuel W. (Samuel) 8th Inf B
Dillon Isaac Arty. Crossley's Half Co.
Dillon John 2nd Inf K
Dillworth Thomas 5th Inf B
Dilworth Thomas Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co.
Dingle Erasmus D. 6th Inf D
Dinsmore James M 3rd Inf I
Divine Stephen L. 1st Inf D
Divinney William 7th Inf A
Dixon Alexander M. 3rd Inf G
Dixon Daniel 1st Inf A
Dixon Henry G. 7th Inf D Cpl.
Dixon Henry P. 5th Inf F Cpl.
Dixon Henry P. 7th Inf E
Dixon Isaac 7th Inf D
Dixon John 4th Inf A Music
Dixon John 7th Inf E
Dixon Maris T. Cav. Milligan's Ind. Co. Cpl.
Dixon Morris T. 5th Inf D Cpl.
Dixon Robert 4th Inf D
Dixon Robert J. 1st Inf (3mo '61) E
Dixon Simeon 7th Inf I
Dixon Simeon 8th Inf C
Dixon Wister Lt.Arty. Nields' Ind.Btty.
Dixson James 7th Inf C
Dixson James P. 1st Inf F
Dizer Thomas I. (Thomas) 5th Inf D

1 Information sent by GG Granddaughter Geraldine McGowan.

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