Company H, 4th Delaware Inf. Volunteers

Captains: Musicians: Ezekiel Hopkins  d
Hezekiah Cullen Henry S. Ford William Hunter
Thomas M. Reynolds Charles E. Lord John Inman
First Lieutenant: Privates: Nicholas Jones
John H. Dowling William H. Berry William Jones
Second Lieutenants: John Billing  c Barney Kelley
Edwin C. Jefferis John Birchfield Daniel Mason
William T. Warner Henry Bratton Thomas Meredith
First Sergeants: Joseph  W. Bryan  b Alexander McNeil
John H. Klinger Samuel Broadway  d John Penrow
William F. O'Donnell Robert Buchanan James C. Phillips
Charles H. Sullivan Henry C. Carter Charles H. Potter
Sergeants: Newnham Chapman Thomas Reed
Charles M. Buckmaster Thomas Clark David V. Riggs  a
William H. Hewes Charles Creeden Richard S. Ross
Samuel Morris  c Samuel Dill William Ruth
Daniel F. Stewart William H. Dodd Solomon Scott  a
Thomas B. Willis James Dougherty  d Jacob Shaeffer
Corporals: Robert M. Frazier James Smith
Theodore F. Brayman James P Gates John Smith
William M. Broadway George Gillespie James Stafford
Caleb S. Brown  d William Gray Ellis Steel
Jacob F. Cegrist  b John Griffin  b Peter Steel  a
James H. Cockrum  d Samuel Griffith Thomas L. Stevenson
John W. Cummins Jesse L. Gummere James Wagner
Thomas Darling William Gummere William T. Walker
William B. Hollowell John Gunderman  a Charles T. West
Henry R. Spencer  c Frederick Hafner William Wilkinson
Edwin F. Wood Jacob Harrington Joseph G. Williamson
  John Harris Andrew J. Wilson
    James York

Supplement:  Its final mustering out June 3, 1865.  One commissioned officer died of wounds, two non-commissioned officers died of disease, two were wounded and one died of wounds; four privates were killed in action, three died of disease, one was wounded and two died of wounds.

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