by Frank Benway

His name became known at Shiloh
His star did rise at Vicksburg
Till a desperate Lincoln
Called him East to Honor him
He gave to him the Armies
His Generals he called East
Sheridan and Sherman fighting men
Known from Battles in the West
To Sherman he gave the task
To cut the South in half
Sheridan the Shenandoah Valley
To keep from bearing crops
For him he headed South
Lee knew Grant from long ago
In the eighteen forties
Lee won some Battles but
Grant continued to press
Till at Petersburg the Siege began
The end was now in sight
Grant pressed them hard
Moved up big guns
The shells now fell in Richmond
Lee's only hope link up with Johnson
To harass the Yankees
They might sue for Peace
At Appomattox it was over
Now Grant a National Hero
Was elected President
The only success he ever knew
Was as a soldier
As President again he failed


by Frank Benway

He galloped into history
The Time, The Civil War
He raised a Band of Raiders
He was so hard to capture
He gained the name Gray Ghost
Was known throughout the Land
His deeds were great and many
Once he was captured
The Yankees could not hold him
He escaped to lead again
Like a Ghost he did melt away
To later strike with fear
His followers were so many
But lo his time was numbered
The Yankees now pursued him
Then the Final date did come
At Greenville Tennessee
They shot him down
September 4 in 1864
Would be his Epitaph