April 1997 Weekly Firesides

April 28, 1997

Hello All...... :)

Last Thursday was great fun.  Many new visitors and "ole friends".  There were some good graves and burial information covered, so get a copy of the LOG if you are interested in any of these areas.....  To the visitors last week, You Are Welcomed to the Civil War History Forum......  :)

Our Focus with this Special Interest Group in the "History of the North American Civil War".  We do "Fireside Stories" about the battles, people and social happenings.  In addition, we dedicate one Thursday a month to sharing Songs, Poems and Letter from that era, so come back and visit....

This is a revised method to get to the long/lectures posted, etc., etc.  If you want a copy of the chat, you may go to the "Genealogy Forum" Main Screen.  On the right side list, find the "Files Library Center".  Click on that and you're almost there.  On the right side of the "Files Library Center", there will be a button called "Logs, Newsletters, and More"; click on that and you will have a choice of History Logs or History Lectures.  The Logs are a recording of the entire session, and the Lectures are just the lectures we have done.

As we review the logs, and we find new visitors who seem to be interested in this topic and our Thursday sessions, we automatically add you to our Weekly Notices.  And to you "First-timers" this week, "Welcome"...  :)  We certainly enjoyed your visit and participation.  We hope to see ore of you...  Note that for any reason, you desire to be removed from distribution of this "Weekly Missif", just drop us a line and we will comply with your wishes "post-haste".

Next week is your turn to bring up aaaaaaaanything, topic or question on Civil War History, you desire.  It's OPEN CHAT night and the members have the floor  :)   You will find a schedule of our upcoming Thursdays below that almost gets us through March.  GFS KathyD hasn't quite decided what to astound us with next, but as soon as she does, you'll be the first to know  :)

*********Schedule of Upcoming Topics/Events**********

Time:  Every Thursday Night at 11 pm ET in the Golden Gates Room with Co-Hosts GFS KathyD and GFS Jim and our many fill-in friends  :)

5/01/97 - Petersburg and Appomattox - GFS Jim
Seems appropriate to bring this tale to the Fireside for April/May. Hope you'll come share this "Tale" with us...

5/08/97 - Here it is.  "The 2nd Tuesday - Letters, Songs and Poems Night".  A Night to "Shine"...  if you desire your material read by GFS KathyD or myself, please email us the material and we will be MOST happy to share it for you.

NOTE:  the next two weeks GFS Jim will be traveling and GFS KathyD will be of VACA for 4 weeks - however we WILL be online from the road w/laptops...  Just no lectures as we don't have our "Goodies" with us.  We'll make it up to you when we're back  :)  PROMISE!!!!!

5/15/97 - OPEN CHAT

5/22/97 - OPEN CHAT

5/29/97 - Opening Moves of the Civil War - GFS Jim.  This covers the Beginnings of the Civil War up until the early part of 1862...

6/05/97 - Southern Successes - April 1862 - Jan 1863 - GFS Jim....  This picks up where the previous week's "Tale" leaves off.

6/12/97 - Here it is.  "The 2nd Thursday - Letters,  Songs and Poems Night".  A Night to "Shine"...  if you desire your material read by GFS KathyD or myself, please email us the material and we will be MOST happy to share it for you.

6/19/97 - Biography of Robert Gould Shaw by GFS KathyD

6/26/97 - OPEN CHAT - Now we can ALL mix it up...  :)

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