A Malfunction?  You Decide

This story was told to me by Kevin Frye, http://www.angelfire.com/ga2/Andersonvilleprison/index.html   I asked his permission to use it on this site and he graciously said yes.  Below the story are several pictures Kevin found in the archives at Andersonville, which were taken before all the modern equipment used for altering photos was being used.


My daughter and I spent last night at the site. Three other living historians and I did a weekend thing onsite. Nothing advertised, just a spontaneous weekend. Anyway, Ashley and I were walking around the perimeter of the site at dusk and were at the place where the Raiders GALLOWS were and the execution took place just at dark. We saw several deer run across the stockade...   BEAUTIFUL!!!  There was another one to the West of the site where we were standing. I was talking to my wife on my cell phone, about nothing special, and this one deer stood there about 100 yards at the treeline where the "deadhouse" once stood. She watched us for every bit of 10 minutes before slowly strolling off into the treeline.

There is a large circle of 11 trees at that site (I haven't been able to find the meaning or why they were planted in that manner) which Ashley said she had this weird feeling that we should go take some photos. We proceeded by flashlight through the south gate, across the perimeter road and into the field toward the circle of treest. We went into the circle... (to this point I hadn't told Ashley this is where the deadhouse was! )

My digital camera has an odd way of taking photos. You look through the viewer,, there is a green light. You push the button down halfway... the light flashes orange until it does an auto focus,, usually 2 seconds.. then turns green. You then push the button the rest of the way down and take the photo.

We had just put in new batteries, taken several photos of Providence Spring and the gallows spot with no problem. At the deadhouse location, Ashley attempted to take several photos. Nope... Not going to take. The camera did its green, then flashing orange, but wouldn't go green or allow the photo to take. She and I tried to get it to work several times. Nothing.  I checked the battery meter and it was fully charged. All normal power showed to be good, but no photo.

We continued around the rest of the stockade...  past the hospital field...  I tried again nope, still wouldn't work. We finished the rest of our walk, about half a mile.  When we got back to the camper just for giggles, I tried the camera outside. Took a perfect photo...  Go figure.


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