The following letters were sent to me by Mayann Ross of OH. Mayann tells me that Thomas Bullock was born in 1846 in Burlington County, NJ, probably in Pemberton.  He died March 6, 1863 and is interred in Pemberton Methodist Cemetery.  He served from Oct 31, 1861 until his death in 1863.  He was a drummer boy, at least that what it says on his tombstone.  His parent were John B. Bullock and Elizabeth Quigley Bullock. His sister was Rebecca Bullock Hughes.

These letters were used to PROVE Thomas Bullock's Family depended on his pay to support them, so that when his mother was widowed, she could claim his pension.  This is why the letters focus on money he sent home.  The claim was granted.

Camp Clay  Janity 26
10 regment NJ volinteers

deer father I set Down to rite to you beeses it is the first obprtunity that I hav to rit to you. I that I am well at presant and hop that you are the same. we are agoing to move perity son.  I was on pickot gard yesterday for the first time and it did raine like .?.?.

I did send home 25 dolers by Rebeca .?.?. .?.?. .?.?. .?.?.   please to rite to me son, and tell me how you are.  I got a pare of boots that comes cleare op to my neck. ant mogrit roges rote to me the other day .?.?. I hadent time to rite no much I will bring my leter to aclse.

May 23, 1862
Washington DC

Der mother, i am well now at presant and hope that you are the same. I think that father hase yours .?.?.?. me mean for I rote to min and he has not ansered it. We have bin pad of and we had to pay the 11 dolers for clothing and I will send you the 11 dolers.  You tak this and do wot you want (sic) with it.  I was on gard last night and spraint my ancle and it paines me so I can't anymor  rite to Thomas S. Bullock direct Washington DC

June 5th 1862 
Washington City
Dear Mother i take this oportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that i am well and hearty and i hope this will find you enjoying the same blessing.  i would like to know if you got that letter and monney i sent last month.  i have never go any answer yet, you have never told me wether you got that blanket or not, tell me with you got that picture i sent or not.  you must write me a letter and let me know what is going on about home for it has been a long time since i have heard from you, i have written two letters to you and i have received no answers, i have hear that father has left home and i would like to know wether it is true or not.  last monday was election here and we were under arms all day ready to be called out to put down enny riot or fight that might be raised between the union men and the secesh, but there was no fight and so we had no fun.  here is one of the union tickets.  i must bring this to a close give my love to all my friends  no more at present 
no more at present
from your affectionate
Thomas S. Bullock

Thomas S Bullock
Co.C, 10 Regt NJ vol
Washington D. C.

NOTE:  The handwriting on the above letter is different from the first two letters, so apparently was written by someone else for him.  The spelling is more accurate, also, than the preceding two letters.

Head Quarters
Washington DC June 18, 1862

I receved your leter on the 17th and was glad to hear from you for I wose wered so mch a bout you. Wot mad me wered so much was because I roted to you 4 times and you didint get no anser and I thought hard of it you didint rite to me you sid that you wanted to send you 20 dolers But I don't know when I will get pad of.  But I expect to get it perty soon. But I cant get you to tell me you got the five dolers  You didint tell me wether you got the blanket that I sent you  tell me all a bout it I want to now.  I will tell you all about it how much I sent you.  I sent you 25 the first and 15 and 10 the next and 5 next  Tell me all about it I ant got mtch to say

from your son Tom

Washington, DC

Der Father  i receved your leter on the 23 and wose glad to here frome you.  you sed that you heard that I wose sick. That is not so but I dont no when we git our pay fore they took 10 $ for .?.?.  home 11 fore close. But I cant send but 21 dollers home to you fore we dot get nothing to eaght  I am sick now at prasant time  I will send you all I can of the money that i get  I am not able to get a bout so cant rite much Rebeca (Tom's sister) hant rote to me for 6 weak.  Heding (?) roges is ded.
no more at presant
rite soon as receved

Head Quarters, Washington, DC
Dec 22nd 1862

Dear Sister
        i received your letter and was verry glad to hear from you and to hear that you are well.  i received that letter and the dollar you must excuse me for not riting but i thought i did answered it  i am verry much a blige to you for it for it come verry actable  i had .?.?.?  red on last Sunday we burried one of are members  he had bean sick for one weak .  
        you say that you recived my likeness i am verry glad that you did for i thought it was lost. part of are compney was down on the frunt for 11 days  they went down on the escort of the Paymaster to pay of the armey of the Potomac  i sent Father 20 Dollar by adams express and if he has not got it why he can go to the office and git it in Philadelphia  i sent the Reciet to Father last friday on wich  i expect he got it.
        No more at pressent i remain
            your affectiate
                    Tommas S Bullock
                            rite soon

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