Field and Staff Officers

Standing L-R:  Adj. Lt. William H. Cloward, Lt. Col. Charles E. LaMotte, 
Surgeon, Major D. S. Hopkins Seated L-R:  Major Moses B. Gist, Commander, 
Col. Arthur H. Grimshaw, Quarter Master, Lt. John J. Toner, Surgeon, Lt. 
Linton Smith

Field and Staff Officers

Photos of Officers used with permission of the
Historical Society of Delaware

Colonel Quartermaster
A. H. Grimshaw Charles H. Gallagher
Lieutenant-Colonels Surgeons
C. Carroll Tevis D. S. Hopkins  d
Charles E. LaMotte Linton Smith
Major Assistant Surgeon
Moses B. Gist Joseph B. Lyon
Adjutant Chaplains
William H. Cloward William H. Fries
William T. Tull

Mustered out October 11, 1864.  One surgeon died of disease.

Non-Commissioned Staff Officers

Sergeant-Majors Commissary-Sergeant
Richard Buckingham John W. Armstrong
W. C. T Poulson Hospital Steward
Quartermaster-Sergeants William H. Brown
John H Klingler Principal Musicians
E. C. Jeffiners James W. Agnew
O. V. Gilkey

Final mustering out June 3, 1865

a. killed in action        b. died of wounds        c  wounded      d. died of disease    e. died from accident

Company A Company B
Company C Company D
Company E Company F
Company G Company H
Company I Company K

NOTE:  Information on the 4th Delaware was gleaned and copied, as printed, from "History of Delaware" by John Thomas Scharf, 1607-1888 (1888) Philadelphia: Richards 2 Vols.

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