I found this book to be interesting and detailed, not about the alleged massacre, but in putting a human face on this particular incident in the American Civil War.  Mr. Ward does a masterful job on the human angle, but as far as settling if it was Nathan Bedford Forrest who raised the black flag, it settles nothing.
  The account of the alleged massacre <I believe there was one, but many do disagree with me> is very graphic and not for the faint of heart.  Mr. Ward basically blames the massacre on one of Forrest's commanders, James Ronald Chalmers. and the Union commander at Fort Pillow, Major Lionel Booth.  The author claims that Forrest was no where near the fort or garrison during the slaughter of the black union soldiers and their white commanders.  But as they say, "it happened on his watch"
  Mr. Ward's research seems quite good, although I don't know if quoting Ken Burns, is a plus or a minus<grin>.  He does not quite seem to find the answer to the question I was hoping this book would answer, who was responsible.
  I myself hold the commanders of the Confederate troops at fault and in a way so does Mr. Ward.
  One thing in this book you will find is a lot of first person, details of Fort Pillow, which is the mainstay of the book.
I give it 7 stars
Peggy <the AOL host formally known as AntietamCW> 


First of all, the reason i chose to review this book, is that it's written by Jeff Shaara.  I think the son has finally stepped out of his father's shadow.  His father was the late Michael Shaara, of KILLER ANGELS fame.
Once he finished his dad's trilogy, the son set out to make his own legacy.  I do believe with each book, he makes another step. 
THE RISING TIDE, is another wonderful step by Mr. Shaara, to be his own writer.  You meet the men of the WW2, not only those who became legends but the gunner, and the infantryman.Here in the desert of North Africa the US Army that one day will storm the beaches of France, get their first battle scars.
You delight in meeting men like Ike, Patton, Bradley, Churchill, but it's the every day solider that will bring the light into this book.  Men like Jack Logan from Florida, and man who one day will pilot the Enola Gay into history, Paul Tibbets.
This is the first book in another trilogy, that is planned by the author.  If you would put this book with Rick Atkinson's ARMY AT DAWN <non fiction, of the battles for North Africa>, I think the full story of that campaign will come home to you.
Before I close, for my fellow Civil War students, we're not forgotten.  Mr. Shaara has
given us GRANT, SHERMAN AND STUART tanks in the desert.  Ike is liken to one Mr. Robert E. Lee.  Bradley in conversation <fictionalized of course> tell Ike they<the Americans> need a STONEWALL
All in all this was a very well written and fun read.
I highly recommend it
i give it 8 stars
Peggy <the AOL host formally known as AntietamCW>

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